Niccolo’ is a photographer and photojournalist, his works ranges between reportages, portraits and commercials, he is telling social stories from around the world and taking care of the communication of business clients for Architecture, Fashion and Portraits, in Italy and in Tuscany where he is based in the country-side around Florence.

Niccolo Celesti Photographer

Always Searching For The Shot

He is also producing videos and in 2017 he was the Author for Italian Tv program “Le iene” of a documentary about human Sacrifices in Sierra Leone and also Author and Director of the upcoming documentary “Made in Colombia” about the life of people involved in the narcotraffic. His pictures have been published in magazines and newspapers such as Corriere della sera, Der Spiegel, Panorma, Libero, Icon, Focus, Paris Match, Chi, La verita’, and many more.

Photographing to tell the uses and customs of forgotten places of the civilization in which we live, to photograph not to forget, to photograph to make known, to photograph to make people think.